Courtesy of reader Sultan of Swaff, some great pictures and an in-person scouting report from Sunday’s Dragons game.  It’s exciting stuff, about one guy I’m pretty familar with and another pleasant surprise.  (Anyone else going to a game?  We’d love your reports and photos.)  Here’s the Sultan:

Sorry no Brandon Waring pics (does his high K rate scare anyone else?), HBP the day before, but Frazier and Montano more than made up for it.

Here’s my take on these two: 

Luis Montano–Having just seen Cueto pitch two weeks ago in Brewtown, I was astonished at how similar these two seem to be. First is their physical/mental attributes–both are generously listed as 6′ (doubtful). Both from the Dominican, both have similar demeanor on the mound. Second is their stuff.  Montano has an identical repertoire (not quite Cueto-level fastball, plus changeup, average curve). Montano2.JPG

Very heady pitcher who knows how to pitch backwards to overagressive hitters and change his approach as the game matures to keep them guessing. Not a max effort guy thankfully, which leaves him that extra gear when needed. On this day he had excellent command and his stats so far back that up.  This guy is a prime candidate for a speedpass thru the system.

Todd Frazier–Not much to be said about this guy that hasn’t been written. He’s  exactly as advertised. Solid body that can still afford to add some weight while remaining athletic. Gives a quality at-bat, not afraid to hit with two strikes, can turn around a plus fastball.


As a defender, average arm (he played third this game). Definitely not a shortstop. His intangibles are what intrigued me. Seems to love to compete, totally in his element on the field. He’s got some of the Mayor in him. It’s evident he’s the undisputed leader of this team. They’re going to miss him when he’s gone in, oh, a couple weeks.

Two players I’d wish I’d seen—Del Rosario. He’s the closer. Gaudy numbers so far. Devin Mesoraco. How is it a FIRST ROUND PICK isn’t ready for low A ball at 19? Something’s amiss here.