–Walt Jocketty hasn’t considered bringing up Homer Bailey as a reliever, but he does note that Bailey has been working on exactly what he was told to work on. Maybe we’ll soon stop hearing Bailey called “uncoachable.”

–Edinson Volquez is emerging as a top-flight pitcher. A 1.21 ERA is okay, I suppose.

–Jocketty is studying his hand before he makes any drastic moves. That’s a reasonable way to approach his job, but then John Fay goes and says something like this:

It’s hard to imagine the Reds keeping both (Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey, Jr.) as Jay Bruce, the top prospect in baseball, is almost ready.

Okay, there are reasons not to re-sign either or both of those players, I suppose. I particularly disagree about not keeping Dunn, but I am willing to discuss it. On the other hand, why would Fay write something so ridiculous? Bruce is a centerfielder, yet Fay seems to think that the Reds are set in CF, so Bruce has to take over for Junior or Dunn.

The Reds are weaker in CF than at any other position, with the possible exception of catcher. The fact that Jay Bruce is almost ready is absolutely not the reason why the Reds can’t keep both Dunn and Griffey. The Reds need to get rid of the crap they keep running out there in CF and put Bruce in the lineup every day…with Dunn and Griffey in the corner outfield slots for the rest of 2008.

–Aaron Harang is just going to keep pitching well and ignore the lack of run support. I feel comfortable that the big guy will do just that.