–Dusty Baker doesn’t want the Reds to rush Jay Bruce and Homer Bailey.

–David Weathers is close to returning. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

CSG likes new GM Walt Jocketty, and he has a good translation of Jocketty’s first press conference.

Frustrations are mounting for everyone. Including the fans out here in Redleg Nation.

[Added]–The St. Louis Post-Dispatch takes a look at the Jocketty hiring.  [Hat tip to reader Rob in Mo].  The meat:

Krivsky, a former assistant to Minnesota Twins general manager Terry Ryan who regularly scouted the Cardinals, increasingly isolated himself, according to some of those around him. Jocketty’s arrival initiated a self-fulfilling prophecy Krivsky recognized but was powerless to avoid.

In his final year in St. Louis, Jocketty likewise grew more irritable to some, even paranoid, while fulminating over Jeff Luhnow’s rise and perceived lack of accountability. Left to dangle for several months without a contract after the 2004 World Series, the situation cemented Jocketty’s sense that he was little appreciated by higher-ups smitten with new-wave scouting, quantitative analysis and Ivy League outsiders.

Krivsky, a personable baseball man as assistant general manager, tried to control so tightly his first chance as a GM that it squirted from his grasp.