Like many of us, Wayne Krivsky was shocked that he was fired yesterday as General Manager of the Cincinnati Reds:

When Wayne Krivsky walked into Bob Castellini’s office, he had no idea a sharpened guillotine was dangling above the door.

After 27 months as general manager of the Cincinnati Reds, Krivsky was pushed out the door, kicking and screaming.

In fact, Krivsky tried to change CEO Castellini’s mind.

“It caught me off-guard, and I was completely shocked,” said Krivsky. “I did not see this coming at all. I fought for an hour to keep my job. I love it here and I loved this job.”

Look, I was never a Wayne Krivsky fan, but I don’t know what to think about this firing. Krivsky did some insanely dumb things, but he also made some simply brilliant moves. On the whole, he was an average GM, at least. Not sure he earned the dismissal at this point, after only two years on the job.

This is funny, though: Dusty Baker didn’t find out about the firing until he called Krivsky to talk about a couple of moves. Ouch.