• 2-12-06: Scott Hatteberg signed to a one-year, $750K deal.
  • 2-13-06: Adam Dunn signed to two-year, $18.5MM extension.
  • 3-20-06: Acquired Bronson Arroyo for Wily Mo Pena.
  • 3-21-06: Acquired David Ross for Bobby Basham.
  • 4-7-06: Acquired Brandon Phillips for Jeff Stevens.

That’s 4 pretty darn good moves there.

  • 5-26-06: Traded Cody Ross to Marlins for a player to be named later.
  • June ’06: Selected Drew Stubbs eighth overall in draft.

I’m not sold on Stubbs, but he’s playing well in Sarasota this year and OF is not a strong suit in our system right now.

Guardardo did nothing for the Reds, but Chick is in his second year of AA ball.

  • 7-13-06: Acquired Gary Majewski, Bill Bray, Royce Clayton, Brendan Harris, and Daryl Thompson for Austin Kearns, Felipe Lopez, and Ryan Wagner.

Unless Thompson becomes a major league starter, this was a horrible deal. It was compounded by letting Harris get away.

  • 7-26-06: Signed Hatteberg to a one-year, $1.65MM extension.

Hatteberg has been a valuable player and worth every dime they’ve spent on him. (That doesn’t mean he should still be here.)

  • 7-31-06: Acquired Rheal Cormier for Justin Germano.

Again, mistake was compounded by the deal he got from Krivsky.

  • 7-31-06: Acquired Kyle Lohse for Zach Ward.

Ward’s pitching in AA, going through a normal progression. Lohse was either good or a batting tee, depending on the start.

  • 8-7-06: Acquired Ryan Franklin for a player to be named later.
  • 8-16-06: Acquired Scott Schoeneweis for a player to be named later.

Both were traded for young players. One is out of baseball, another is in his second year of SAL ball.

  • 8-28-06: Signed Javier Valentin to a one-year, $1.325MM extension.

Good move.

  • 9-25-06: Signed Juan Castro to a two-year, $2MM extension.

HORRIBLE move. You have to wonder what Krivsky was thinking.

  • 11-20-06: Signed Alex Gonzalez to a three-year, $14MM contract.

Another bad move. Overpriced, and thus far, has not shown the glove he was signed for, when he’s played.

  • 11-20-06: Signed Mike Stanton to a two-year, $5.5MM contract.

Another one that makes you wonder what he was thinking. He was 39 at the time. A two year deal to a 39 year old pitcher?

  • 11-20-06: Traded Jason LaRue to the Royals for a player to be named later.
  • 12-7-06: Acquired Josh Hamilton for cash.
  • 12-7-06: Selected Jared Burton in Rule 5 draft.

All good moves…

  • 12-12-06: Signed David Weathers to a two-year, $5MM contract.

I don’t remember, but I probably didn’t have a problem with this…mostly because the state of the Reds bullpen.

  • 1-2-07: Traded Brendan Harris to Rays for cash.

Ugh…see above.

This was an incredible steal, probably second only to the Phillips deal.

  • 2-6-07: Signed Aaron Harang to a four-year, $36.5MM extension.
  • 2-8-07: Signed Bronson Arroyo to a two-year, $25MM extension.

At the time, I liked these deals and still love the Harang deal…but Arroyo may end up being the #4 starter making $12M a year. Of course, that’s hindsight.

  • 4-16-07: Signed Ryan Freel to a two-year, $7MM extension.

Horrible deal. ‘Nuff said.

  • 4-27-07: Traded Chris Denorfia to A’s for Marcus McBeth and another player.

Denorfia’s in Oakland, doing pretty well, as many predicted he would (I was not one of htem). McBeth is struggling at Louisville.

  • 5-9-07: Released Rheal Cormier.
  • June ’07: Selected Devin Mesoraco 15th overall in draft.

Only time will tell on this, but it’s not promising thus far. Your #1 pick shouldn’t start the following season in Extended ST. At his age, Bruce and Bailey were in Dayton.

  • 10-31-07: Exercised ’08 options on Hatteberg, Dunn, and Valentin.
  • 11-28-07: Signed Francisco Cordero to a four-year, $46MM contract.

Didn’t like the deal, still don’t. It’s too much $$ for a closer and if this team is going young, go young.

  • 12-21-07: Acquired Edinson Volquez and Danny Herrera for Josh Hamilton.

I was surprised Hamilton wouldn’t bring more, but Volquez has been everything advertised thus far.

  • 1-23-08: Signed Jeremy Affeldt to a one-year, $3MM contract.
  • 2-15-08: Signed Brandon Phillips to a four-year, $27MM extension.

I think that’s a bit much for Phillips, but that’s probably a minority opinion. The Affeld signing is a good one for a bad bullpen.

  • 2-21-08: Signed Josh Fogg to a one-year, $1MM contract.
  • 3-3-08: Signed Corey Patterson to a one-year, $3MM contract.

Why? Why? Why?

  • 4-8-08: Released Mike Stanton.

And Juan Castro…