I was at my first game of the year today, as was Chris W and his team. He can add his report (and hopefully some photos) here when he gets home.

  • Harang looked good. No surprise there.
  • Gallardo looked okay, too.
  • Neither guy seemed to be throwing at his normal velocity – Harang was usually around 88-90 with his fastball.
  • This team had ZERO offense all day. EE crushed his first HR, and Kepp hit a couple balls hard, but that was IT.
  • A slide wouldn’t have saved Dunn at the plate, but he DID have the chance to knock Kendall into the backstop, and passed it up. I think he was gassed from being in motion 3-4 pitches in a row.
  • Patterson is hopeless. The guy is what – 1 for 28? And he keeps playing.
  • I didn’t understand why Gallardo was hitting for himself with a runner on base and >100 pitches, but it turns out that the guy is a pretty legit hitter: MLB career going into today – 10 for 40, with 2 HR and 3 2b; an 831 minor league OPS (48 ABs), and a 2b today off Harang.
  • While that managerial decision can be understood, Dusty’s blind faith in Patterson was especially frustrating in the 8th, when Milwaukee brought in lefty sidewinder Mitch Stetter. Patterson was set to lead off, hadn’t done jack in two weeks, and both Hopper and Freel are on the bench. Patterson stays in, and grounds out pathetically. As Patterson was Stetter’s first batter and had to stay in the game, Dusty had control over the matchup, and chose the crappy, slumping lefty, against a tough LHP.
  • I’ve never seen a team as whipped-looking as the Reds were walking off the field in the top of the 10th.  Phillips and Keppinger, particularly, looked like there were going to slit their wrists.  If EE, and especially Bako hadn’t jumped on Gagne quickly, I don’t think the top of the lineup would’ve been able to.  Good hustle by BP on his ground, though.
  • Patterson again failed in the 10th, when he couldn’t bunt the winning run over to 2nd. The one time when it the bunt is absolutely the right strategy, and the bunting specialist can’t get one down off the great Salomon Torres.
  • Burton looked pretty good.
  • Gagne did not. Both EE’s #2 and Bako’s blasts were smoked.
  • As was Griffey’s game-winner off Torres.

In all, it was a pretty lousy day – constant rain throughout the game, colder than you’d think, and zippo offense. That said, a lousy day at the ballpark is better than a good day a lot of places, and the finish was fun. I’ll be back down there in about a month to see our “traditional rival,” the Indians.