I’m not sure if I have mentioned this much on here or not, but I am the head baseball coach of a small high school here in Virginia. I’ve coached the last 2 seasons here, and we have had our share of struggles trying to win ballgames. But as a way to try and lift their spirits, my assistant coach and I have decided to take our team of 11 ballplayers to Cincinnati this weekend to take in the Reds game against the Brewers.

I shared the news with them last week and when discussing the plans with them yesterday, it came to my attention that 7 of them have never even been to a major league baseball game. We plan to leave early to take in batting practice so these kids can get the full effect. It has been many, many years since I went to my “first” ball game.

So, I am asking those of you who read Redleg Nation for help with ideas in making sure these guys get the full effect of their first MLB baseball game. For some, it could be their only trip ever to see a big league ball game. I take for granted everything that goes on at games, since I have been to so many over the years.

Any suggestions?