–Mark Sheldon says the Reds revamped bullpen has been stellar so far. While that’s true, he fails to mention that David Weathers has been his usual craptastic self. The box score shows a scoreless inning for Stormy last night, but it was the worst scoreless inning ever pitched.

–Paul Bako is “quite a catch,” says John Fay. Snappy headline, and Bako has definitely been serviceable this year in a tough spot for him. Bako has a strong arm, and evidence suggests that he calls a very good game…but if he’s hitting over .300 by this time next month, I’ll eat my hat.

As a backup, Bako is certainly acceptable, but I’m worried that the Reds are going to carry three catchers when David Ross returns. That wouldn’t be a good idea, given the way this roster is currently constructed. The Reds really need a right-handed bat with a bit of pop off the bench, not another catcher.

–Mike Lincoln has really been pretty good so far, hasn’t he? I’m afraid he’s the one who is sent out when Matt Belisle is ready to return, though. Either way, check out this quote from Hal McCoy’s article:

“He is throwing the ball great, too,” Baker added. “I was in a restaurant in Sacramento this winter and he came up to me and said, ‘Hi, I’m Mike Lincoln. I’m trying to work out something with the Reds.’ I told him, ‘Good luck, I hope so. I’ll give you an opportunity and the rest is up to you.’ He ceased the opportunity.”

Ummmm…..I think it’s “seized,” Mr. McCoy, not “ceased.”

–Problems with the Reds on Radio in Louisville.