–Adam Dunn feels a hot streak coming on:

“I’ve been feeling good,” Dunn said before Thursday’s game. “I try to swing at strikes and if I don’t get any, walk. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that early. It’ll start falling.”

If Dunn starts hitting soon, things are going to get very fun around here.

–I’m a huge fan of Edwin Encarnacion, and a big reason why is that he might be the hardest worker on the team. He’s going to come around soon, as well — offensively and defensively. Be patient with EE. He’s still young.

–Josh Fogg’s next start might get skipped. He had a good outing last time, but I wouldn’t object to him missing a turn in order to keep Aaron Harang on schedule.

–Two series wins and a tie thus far in the 2008 season. The Reds are getting better, and there’s lots of reason for optimism. Let’s hope the Reds can put a beating on the Pirates this weekend.