Alex Eisenberg writes scouting reports for Hardball Times and Baseball Intellect. He always does interesting pieces that include video to show people what he’s talking about. When he says something like “better body tilt” or “scap load,” it gives a good idea of what he’s referring to. At the beginning of April he did a piece comparing Bailey v2006 to v2007. He also talks about Bailey’s mental makeup (but isn’t calling him dumb) in addition to mechanics.

I normally wouldn’t make too big a deal about a pitcher’s mental make-up. I view it as a plus or minus but I would like see actual talent and results before using reports on a player’s mental make-up to draw opinions about a prospect. My opinion is that reports on the make-up of a player are way too subjective of a way to judge a player because nobody can get inside the head of a player to get a feel for the exact thought processes of that player.

He then goes on to quote from Baseball America a concern a scout has about Bailey’s approach. The entire article is interesting for his point of view and the video he includes. Remember it is just one person’s opinion and he still likes Bailey. He just thinks he might be a bit overrated. Truth is, projecting young players like this is hard as heck but it’s nice to get as many informed opinions as possible to try to get a more complete view.

Add Baseball Intellect to your list of links as it includes his reports on many prospects.