–I’m glad Wayne Krivsky didn’t fall for this garbage.

–The Reds’ future is doomed. Doomed!

–Note to Corey Patterson: I don’t have any problem with the way Patterson has played this year, but here’s a perfect example of how important walks can be. Patterson is ripping the cover off the ball, and he has a .323 batting average. That’s great. But Patterson’s OBP is only .353, which is marginally acceptable for a leadoff hitter. He’s only drawn 2 walks, so his OBP is all BA. So what happens when Patterson cools off, which is inevitable?

Adam Dunn, on the other hand, can’t buy a hit. His BA is .160. He’s slumping badly to start the season. Of course, Dunner’s OBP is .405! By drawing 11 walks, he’s still contributing to helping this team win, despite not hitting well. When he starts swinging the bat well, he’s going to go back to being the stud hitter that he is.

Or maybe Dunn’s just clogging the bases.