Finally, our long, cold winter is over: baseball is back!

No, Joey Votto isn’t starting, and Jay Bruce and Homer Bailey are on their way to Louisville. None of that matters too much. I’m even going to try not to get too upset at the fact that our leadoff hitter today sports a sub-300 on-base percentage.

It’s Opening Day, a day for those gooey, “Field of Dreams” baseball fans among us to celebrate the return of our national pastime. I’m one of those fans, and I can’t wait for the first pitch.

Great pitching matchup on day one, with two studs on the mound. The Reds will send Aaron Harang out to face Arizona’s Brandon Webb.

Here’s hoping the Reds start the year off the right way. As an old guy said to me a few years ago on Opening Day: “you can’t win them all unless you win the first one.”

Indeed. I’ll be at Great American Ballpark enjoying the game along with at least two other Redleg Nation editors. Expect plenty of coverage and reaction throughout the day here.

Comment away! There’s a lot to be excited about today.

13 Responses

  1. Twill815

    I’m looking for Harang to seek out revenge on Webb for that Cy Young award he stole 2 years ago! Can’t wait to hear the Nuxhall tribute 700wlw is doing at 1pm! Go Reds!

  2. nick

    Go Reds! Baseball season doesn’t start until the Reds have played. The other games played yesterday and in Japan were frauds.

  3. Andy

    sounds like the ball is slippery. LLM getting no love from the cowboy: “there’s no number 1 catcher on any team in baseball that lets that ball get through,” re: Harang’s WP.

  4. Justin

    Harang in control so far 1-2-3…..2 dominate strike outs in 2nd

  5. Andy

    so far everyone seems to be avoiding clogging up the bases per manager’s instructions. hack away, men.

  6. Andy

    all of the sudden harang can’t find the strike zone?

  7. DK

    Get ready for a sac fly for the Donk.

    Are you ready? Ok. Stay ready for a while.

  8. Chad

    Its stopped raining and Harang has pitched great the last 2 innings. Things are looking better here at the old ballpark.

  9. Ben

    Well, I put Stanton for first out of the pen, so I was pleasantly surprise.

  10. Mike Martz

    Well that didn’t turn out like I wanted it to. I’m just happy that the season has started so I’ll let this one slide!

  11. Abner

    Definitely hoping for some hits from Kepp. PRetty nice rally for 2 runs, but shoulda been more.

    I’m with Mike Martz – stoked the season has begun, but it always feels like a tease with the Tuesday off day.