Doug Gray, of the excellent has started a new site, this one is focused entirely on breaking down the fascinating but incomprehensible (to me) Pitch f/x data.  Doug explains:
Fittingly, it’s called  Definitely worth keeping an eye on.  Here’s Doug’s first post (hope he doesn’t mind me bogarting half of it, but what better way to tell you what the site’s about):

What is pitch f/x?

The pitch f/x system was created by Sportsvision and basically its a set of camera’s that calculate many different variables of each pitch of each game across Major League Baseball. It calculates pitch start speed, pitch end speed, the amount of break, where the ball is as it crosses home plate and several other things.

. . .What is this website going to do with the data?

I plan on breaking down something each day of the season using the data. Maybe breaking down the starting pitchers games to see why their results where what they were. Once the season gets well underway, breaking down specific players to show their strengths and weaknesses.