In our continuing effort to parse every interesting word out of Dusty Baker’s mouth, there’s this, from John Erardi, filling in for John Fay (BTW: Best wishes to John and his family in what sounds like a very tough time.):

When Reds manager Dusty Baker was asked before Tuesday’s game how much weight he gives to a pitcher’s “most recent outing” when it comes to making the team, he turned the question on its head and talked about the hitters.

“(Looking at) ‘most recent outing’ would make you a frontrunner,” Baker said. “And I ain’t no frontrunner. I don’t look at ‘most recent outing.’ If that that was the case, half the guys wouldn’t (make) the team. If that was the case, (Edwin) Encarnacion wouldn’t even be on the team. I look at the baseball card; I look at what I think he might do; I know what he is doing. It’s a combination of things.”

Dusty said that in a funny way, with all that stuff about not being a “frontrunner,” but he understands what everyone should — spring training stats, and even spring training performance itself, should be all but ignored when picking out a roster.