Marty Brennaman and Jeff Brantley, on today’s broadcast, were just discussing that the Reds are evidently very actively engaged in talks to acquire another catcher. The one name they mentioned was Gerald Laird from Texas. I have no idea why.

Says Marty, about the Laird rumor: “We’re hearing that from many people outside this organization, since heaven knows no one within the organization will talk about anything like that.”

Marty and Jeff also spent some time hammering the Reds, saying that they have no idea whatsoever why the Reds would have drafted a high school catcher last year. Marty said it would have been better to draft a college catcher who would have been closer to the majors; he says that addressing a current need on the Major League roster by drafting a high schooler who will take several years to get to the bigs makes no sense.

Hard to disagree with that logic, though Devin Mesoraco is a pretty good looking prospect.

UPDATE: John Fay is hearing the same rumors as Marty and Jeff, and Fay guesses what we’ve all been speculating: Ryan Freel is the trade-bait for a catcher.