I don’t know how many times, I hear an old ballplayer tell a story about his career, only to find out he has the facts completely wrong.  Or even a young player, telling a story about how he got his own name. 

Well today, Dusty Baker was telling McCoy about his first appearance against Bob Gibson:

The son-of-a-so-and-so ended my 17-game hitting streak. A big oh-for-four. At least he didn’t hit me.

Guy has a good memory.  Baker entered the game with a 17-game hitting streak (during which he hit (.409, .444, .652), and went 0 for 4 with a strikeout against the great Gibson, who threw a 6-hit shutout against the Dodgers Braves.  Good memory, Wine Dude. 

Dusty faced Gibson another 20 times in his career, getting 5 hits.  (Total line:  .208  .240  .292.)  Baker actually owned Tom Seaver and Steve Carlton.

I’d never noticed Dusty’s odd career path before.  Cups of coffee at age 19, 20, and 21,  before finally sticking at age 22.