Rosecrans has a very nice quote from Dusty Baker today.  Speaking about Young Master Bailey:

It’s not easy being Homer.  It’s not. I’ve seen it 1,000 times, it’s not easy being that Mr. Everything, Can’t-Miss kid. No matter what you do… I learned a long time ago, the most dangerous word for a young kid is potential. If they don’t do great, then no matter what they do, they don’t reach that potential. Some guys take longer to get it than other guys, for whatever the reason.

What is Homer, 21? This dude’s barely drinking age, you know what I’m saying? There are kids in college that haven’t even signed a contract yet that are still pitching and Homer already has this experience already. That’s the thing, let’s not forget, this dude is three years ahead of whoever is going to be in this year’s draft.

He may not be where you want him to be or where we want him to be or where he wants to be right now, but he’s still ahead of the program. Three or four years from now, you might have another thought process, but right now…

I’m big on what a guy does compared to his graduating class. And you know, he’s like a freshman playing against seniors. Some freshmen come in and play like seniors, and others have to wait until they’re seniors.

This is why they hired the guy.  Dusty makes a lot of dumb statements, but he’s damn good at handling people.   Here, he’s taking steps to ease Mr. Homer into the reality that he’ll likely be starting the season in Louisville.  Good managing.