John Fay is reporting that Jay Bruce came out of the game at the end of the second inning today..

Jay Bruce doubled in two runs in the second. Chris Dickerson tripled with two outs — the guy runs like his cousin, Eric — and Paul Bako walked. Bruce hit one the opposite way to left-center.

Bruce came out of the game after inning. We’re awaiting word on why. Bruce is headed to clubhosue with trainer Mark Mann. He wasn’t limping.

Hopefully, it’s no big deal. More info as available…

Update: From John Fay’s blog again:

Bruce came out of the game after inning. He suffered a mild left quadriceps strain. He’s day-to-day.

Talked to Bruce: “It’s no big deal. I felt rounding first. There’s no use taking any chances this early in spring. It’s not serious at all.”

I’ll believe this when Jay’s back in the lineup. Too many years of “day to day” really meaning 2 months.

Update: (3/4/08):

From John Fay’s Blog:

Jay Bruce visited with Dusty Baker to clear things up today. Bruce wanted his manager to know he hasn’t had leg “problems.”

“As far as professional baseball, I missed three or four games at the end of the year with a hamstring,” he said. “I played 133 games last year. In Dayton (in 2006), I missed one game.”

He missed the game in Dayton with a quad problem, but it was a bruise that was the result of breaking a bat over his knee leg.

“That was stupid thing to do,” Bruce said. “We were messing around. I haven’t had any problems with my legs”

Bruce was able to jog today for the first time since mildly straining his left quad Sunday.

“It’s much better,” he said. “I can do everything but a full-out sprint.”

Bruce was not concerned about the how the addition of Corey Patterson will affect him.

“He’s been in the big leagues for eight years,” Bruce said. “So he’s a good player. But we’ve had competition in camp all along. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing.”

Glad to see the kid corrected Dusty’s bad information. Wonder where he got it?