The New Jan BradyFor all the bellyaching about Adam Dunn’s perceived weaknesses, and the need for him to change his approach, nobody mentions that he already did it.

Maybe if you geeks would get your heads out of the ballpark and actually pick up a stat sheet once in a while, you’d notice these absolutely insane numbers: 🙂

Adam Dunn after August 1 (47 G, 195 ABs)

.275 .441 .584 1025 OPS, 13 HRs, 43 BB (5 IBB), 39 K.

The 1025 OPS would’ve ranked 2nd in the league last year (Chipper, 1029). But look at those K/BB numbers – more walks than strikeouts? And a 45 HR pace? Jeepers.

Blogger/etc. “Mr. Redlegs” has noted the difference in Dunn’s late season approach a couple times, but I really don’t recall any mention in the mainstream press. And it certainly sounded like Dusty Baker’s somewhat-pointed “base clogging” comments were aimed at big #44. I guess Dusty could still be mad at Hee Seop Choi, but Reds fans are still having the same debates.

Dunn seems to have changed his approach. Maybe we should too.