I just got an email from the Reds, offering, among other things, a “Baker’s Dozen” ticket plan.  Yes, it’s 13 tickets for the price of 12, but the page features none other than the new manager.

Ten-game “Power Packs” will go on sale Saturday.  This is a full set of the “premium” (i.e. marked-up) games for the season – Opening Day, plus the Cleveland, Boston, and September Cubs series.  Prices for this package are marked up anywhere from 31% (field box) to 67% (view level) over the per-game price for the 20-game flex packs (which include the Indians Cubs series, but not Opening Day or Boston). 

I can’t really imagine anyone actually wanting to attend just those 10 games (and not already buying a full-season plan), but I can imagine ticket scalpers being quite interested in the package.