Nothing earth-shattering has taken place over the last day or two — other than pitchers and catcher reporting, of course! — but there are a number of items surrounding the Reds that deserve mention.

–Really interesting article here about Brandon Phillips, and his shiny new four-year contract with the Reds. My favorite quote by Phillips:

“I want to be how Barry Larkin was.”

Phillips isn’t near as good as Larkin was, but that isn’t a criticism of BP; few players are as good as Larkin. Phillips is a fine player, and I’m happy to have him signed for the next four years.

–John Fay has this on all the young arms that are fighting for the Reds rotation this spring. I don’t have a problem with Homer Bailey not being handed a spot on a silver platter, but I have to believe that Homer will have to be terrible this spring for him to be excluded from the Opening Day roster.

–As you might expect, Dusty Baker is the talk of the town in his first spring training with the Reds. First, it’s clear that Baker has the same perspective as owner Robert Castellini on one point:

When Dusty Baker came to Cincinnati in the 1970s as a member of the Atlanta Braves or Los Angeles Dodgers, he remembers seeing red.

Lots and lots of red.

“I remember everybody in town being in red,” he said. “I remember being brainwashed before I ever got to the stadium. I’d see red in windows. Women had red dresses on. Men had red hats on. I remember knowing when you had them down, they had a good chance of coming back to beat you.”

Baker hopes to bring that red sea back to Cincinnati.

Sounds like the same things on which Castellini has been focused since buying the team.


Juan Castro, who had Tommy John surgery on July 31, says his elbow is about 80 percent.

“I think it will be ready before Opening Day,” he said.

Castro is a nice guy and all, but he has no business being on the Reds’ Opening Day roster. If he makes this team, I’m going to take a hostage.

–Dusty Baker is looking for a leadoff man. First, if he thinks Corey Patterson is a leadoff “hitter,” we have problems; Patterson’s career on-base percentage is .296. Might as well let Juan Castro leadoff.

As for Kenny Lofton, no thanks. Let Jay Bruce have those ABs that you’d give to Lofton.

–Justin has an interesting interview regarding baseball economics, with a focus on the spring training home crisis for the Reds.

–Anyone have any Opening Day tickets they’d like to donate to me?