From today’s Enquirer:

A Reds public relations person recommends to the sports writer that he do the Bruce interview while Bruce signs autographs. It provides a rare window for character study. You can’t fake it in this setting. Either you like it or you don’t; either you’ve got it or you don’t.

Bruce likes it, and he’s got it.

He’s a people person, warm and friendly, and he keeps the long line moving with his easy manner.

“How are you?” he asks a youngster. “Comin’ to some games this year or what?”

“Yes,” says the fan, beaming to be engaged in conversation.

“Awesome,” says Bruce.

Some things about him are striking. His handshake is a vice grip; his upper body is extremely thick. He’s confident, mature beyond his years. It’s almost as though he knows what’s coming.

He talks about his hometown, his family, his girlfriend. (“We’ve been together over three years,” he says. “She’s from Beaumont. Great girl.”) He talks about his music. (A favorite is Lil Wayne, a hip hop artist and rapper, but Bruce recently got into ’80s music.) He talks about his hobbies. (He likes hunting and fishing, but “I’m not a diehard anything,” he says. “I like spending time with my family, hanging out, really.”)

Bruce is a jeans-and-V-neck kind of guy, although on this day the V-neck has been replaced by a Reds jersey, “Bruce, 9” on the back.

This is just a taste of the article and I don’t know that there’s that much new information, but I’ve yet to hear one negative word about this kid either on or off the field. I’ve been fortunate to see him at 3 different levels and he seems to just get better every time I see him. I’m excited about seeing him in Cincinnati this year.