I mentioned this on the Reds Listserv, but don’t think I mentioned it here:

From Fox Sports Ohio:

Re-live the Cincinnati Reds greatest memories, as FSN Ohio brings back the classic games of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. FSN Ohio will air nine games, going back to the Big Red Machine of the 1970’s. Other classic games will include Pete Rose, breaking the all time hits record, Playoff and World Series games of the 1990’s, Tom Seaver’s no hitter, Tom Browning’s perfect game and more.

The schedule is on John’s blog…looks like it’s every Monday from 1/14 until 3/10.

And on the hunt for starting pitching:

After speaking to some baseball people the last few days, I’d say the Reds will likely go to spring training with what they’ve got as far as starting pitchers.

Nothing new has happened on the Erik Bedard front: The Orioles want more than the Reds are willing to give. As far as free agents, the Reds have talked to some agents for some of second-tier guys. Josh Fogg is one I know of. But unless someone can be had at a reasonable price, the Reds aren’t likely of sign any of them.

All that is subject to change, of course.

Remember, the Bronson Arroyo trade didn’t happen until March 20. Teams have a better sense of their needs toward the end of spring training than they do now. If Ryan Freel shows he’s healthy, it gives the Reds another chip to trade, particularly if Jay Bruce wins the center field job.

I’m really torn on this. I’d like to get another starter (was hoping for Clement), but am not enthralled with any FA retread and don’t want to give up good young players and you don’t get something for nothing.