Saw mention of this article over on Redlegs Rant, from USA Today:

New Reds manager Dusty Baker says Cordero’s addition strengthens the entire bullpen because 2007 closer David Weathers will move into an eighth-inning setup role along with lefty Mike Stanton and hard-throwing Jared Burton, a Rule 5 draft pick from Oakland in 2006 who had a 1.83 ERA in 36 appearances after the ’07 All-Star break.

Stanton? STANTON??? Is he freakin’ kidding me? Has he bothered to check Stanton’s stats from last year?

I don’t even want Stanton going to ST with the team, much less making the team and being used in close games in the 8th inning.

Why in the world would you use Stanton before someone like Bill Bray or Jon Coutlangus?

Oh yeah, he’s a wily veteren, that’s the reason.