I wanted to pass along Thomas’ thoughts about his career with the Reds and his future plans:

Tell everyone thanks for all the support. ihad a lot of fun with this adventure and it was nice to know people were behind me regardless of whether i was healthy or hurt. i also wish i could have made the reds investment in me worth it and i feel like i let them down, but i did everything i possibly could and my arm just couldn’t come around. the reds have been great to me the whole time though. as for my future, i’m really excited about the next phase of my life. i applied to harvard business school and am pursuing a chemical engineering job with a start up tattoo ink company called freedom 2 ink. they created the product that i’ve had the idea for since college but hadn’t been able to act on because of baseball, so now i at least can possibly join in their entrepreneurial adventure. could be fun, but i know for a fact it won’t be as fun as playing ball. i might even keep throwing too. who knows. thanks again.

I’m sure that everyone joins me in thanking Thomas for being involved with Redleg Nation and wishes him nothing but success in his future endeavors.