So, are the Reds going to be able to land another pitcher? It’s up in the air:

Adding another experienced pitcher to the mix could bolster the starting five and also push the younger guys in camp. Krivsky plans on having some lesser known non-roster invites add to the numbers, but didn’t rule out doing something a little more dynamic.

“As far as the recognizable names on the free-agent market, we’re still looking at that,” Krivsky said. “There’s still a possibility of a trade to bring someone that has more name recognition.”

Most of the interesting names remaining on the free-agent market are a few years past their best seasons, but could offer benefits in the middle or back of the rotation. Livan Hernandez or Brett Tomko would fall under that category. Others are coming off significant injuries like Jon Lieber, Kris Benson or Bartolo Colon.

As far as re-ignited efforts for a top-tier starting pitcher, don’t count on it. But don’t fully count it out either.

“It’s always a possibility,” Krivsky said. “You just have to weigh everything. During the holidays, it died down. But I’m sure calls will pick up again as teams fine tune their rosters going into Spring Training. We’ll have to wait and see.”

Wait and see. I’m not sure how many of the above names actually help the Reds in 2008, but all the speculation is interesting since we have nothing else to talk about.