Rosecrans has this article this morning saying that GM Wayne Krivsky likely isn’t finished tinkering with this roster, but I think we all knew that. Also, he has “an early look at the 2008 Reds,” which serves as a decent “state of the team” update. Then there’s this:

Krivsky will still likely trade for or sign a veteran starter along the lines of Jon Lieber, Mark Prior or Livan Hernandez to compete for a spot in the rotation and add insurance in case some of the young arms aren’t ready.

There’s also the possibility of signing former Red Mike Cameron to fill center field for a season in order to nurse Bruce along.

I wouldn’t complain about Lieber, Prior, or Hernandez, but I can’t figure out any reason to sign Mike Cameron for the salary that he will command.

UPDATE: If you don’t want to look ahead, has a review of 2007 for the Reds. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to look back on that disaster, but there’s the link if you are a glutton for punishment.