On the Josh Hamilton trade, I’ve looked at it from every angle, and I’m ready to make my call.

I like the trade.

Yes, I think I’m the only Redleg Nation editor who doesn’t dislike the trade. I hate losing Hamilton, but I really like the upside of Edinson Volquez (although I’m already sick of typing his name). Volquez and Homer Bailey and Matt Belisle can all be decent 3-4 type starters this year, and the first two have stuff that could push them higher in the rotation very soon. Toss in Cueto and things are looking pretty good.

No, Wayne Krivsky didn’t get a steal here, but most trades aren’t a steal for one side or the other. The Reds got good value for Hamilton, and that’s all you can ask (both teams actually got good value, I’d say). It may work out for Cincinnati, or it may not, but I think it’s a good risk. I’m fine with the trade, for what that’s worth.