John Fay’s Sunday column deals with the Reds continuing search for more starting pitching:

They’re going to continue to try to land a starting pitcher. That’s Wayne Krivsky’s mandate from ownership.

The only limitation is he has to do it without giving up Jay Bruce. So far, that’s what has kept the Reds from completing a deal with Baltimore for left-hander Erik Bedard.

They continue to try to swing the deal without Bruce included. The hope is the Orioles will ease off their demand for Bruce and accept a package built around Homer Bailey.

At this point, I’ve decided I’d rather just keep Bailey (and Joey Votto and whomever else). I’m seriously concerned that Krivsky will overpay. He does have a history of that, you know.

Then, again:

The Reds had expressed interest in Haren but thought the price was too steep. The A’s apparently wanted a package that included Johnny Cueto.

Hmmmmm. That surprises me. I’d rather hang onto Bailey than Cueto, since Bailey is presumedly closer to being ready to contribute to the major league club, but maybe (probably) the Reds know something I don’t.

I guess the question is what else was included in that package that included Cueto. If the Reds were willing to give up a package of Bailey, Votto, and Josh Hamilton, for example, but weren’t willing to do the deal with Cueto included…well, that would be disconcerting. No way to know that, I guess, and our beloved General Manager isn’t usually forthcoming with information about anything.

Here’s what worries me, though:

My sense is the Reds will get something done. Going into the season with Matt Belisle as the No. 3 starter isn’t a good plan. Belisle might develop into a consistent winner. But “might” is the operative word. The same can be said of Bailey.

The stakes in the NL Central got a little higher last week when the Houston Astros added Miguel Tejada (speaking of the Mitchell Report) and Jose Valverde, the major-league saves leader.

Reds ownership doesn’t want three question marks in the rotation. Krivsky, in the final year of his contract, knows winning is essential to his job security.

That sounds like a recipe to get a deal done.

Sounds like a recipe for Wayne Krivsky to push the panic button to me. And we know what happens when Wayne Krivsky pushes the panic button because he thinks he has to win now.