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3. Francisco Cordero, CL, Reds: Four years, $46 million

See above about relievers and four-year contracts. The difference here is that this is a small-market team paying more than $11 million per annum for 65 innings or so. That’s not a wise use of resources, particularly considering the Reds’ payroll limitations. Overall, teams need to be much more creative in digging up bullpen solutions. It would be refreshing if more teams would go back the old Earl Weaver gambit of breaking in their top starter prospects with a season or two in the major league pen. In any event, teams are going to learn the hard way (yet again) that four-year contracts for relievers are rarely wise.

I really don’t think this is much different than what many of us have said. We expect Cordero to be effective, but questioned the amount of resources that it took to bring him to Cincinnati. Basically, it is the same argument that was made about the % of total payroll that was used when Junior came to the Reds..and he’s an everyday player (theoretically).