In an article that mainly deals with the return of the entire coaching staff to the Dayton Dragons, I found this from the DDN:

(Reds farm director Terry) Reynolds said the makeup of the Dragons will be different this season.

A year ago, the Reds moved most of the rookie Billings roster to Dayton at the same time, and it was an older group.

This year, Reynolds said there will be more competition for positions in spring training and the Dragons likely will be younger.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. In theory, this would mean that the better college age players from Billings last year will jump to Sarasota, while the younger HS guys (both Billings and GCL) would be in Dayton. I know at least one of our editors will be happy to see that the Reds are moving in this direction.

But, IMO, the Reds ownership also feels that they “owe” the fans in Dayton for their HUGE support over the years and reverting to the struggling teams of the pre-2007 years would be very unpopular in Dayton. Everyone realizes that the point of the minor league system is to get players ready and to the big leagues, but doesn’t the big club also owe something to the fans at every minor league level to have the opportunity to put a decent team on the field in exchange for their financial support?

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.