Numerous articles in the Enquirer today on Joe’s memorial last night at Fairfield High School.

Saying goodbye to Joe

Marty chokes back tears

Players pay respects to Nuxhall

What people said of Nuxhall

Friends agree: Joe got his 79 years’ worth and then some’

Nuxhall memorial program (.pdf)

Among those that attended were Anthony Munoz, Johnny Bench, Buddy Bell, Ron Oester, Pete Rose, Pete Rose Jr, Ken Griffey, Ken Griffey Jr, Sean Casey, and Barry Larkin. One of the morning radio guys said that at 11:00 last night there were still people coming through the gym. A great tribute to Joe…

For those of us that are quick to bash Junior…he was the only current Red to attend.

UPDATE (by Chad):

Bill beat me to the punch in posting the superb collection of articles in the Enquirer. Here are a few from the DDN (and one from that are worth looking at:

Nuxhall man of the people until the end.
Lines, love run deep at visitation.
Nuxhall’s style was perfect for the sport.
Thousands gather to honor Nuxhall.

Being a Reds fan will never be the same without the Ol’ Lefthander around.