Baseball America has posted the list of this years crop of Minor League Free Agents. The list of free agents from the Reds organization is below. I’d like to see them re-sign Asadoorian, Ramirez, and Perez.

Cincinnati Reds (14)
Righthanders: Rick Asadoorian, Carlos Bohorquez, Dan Denham, Steven Kelly, Elizardo Ramirez, Dushan Ruzic
Catchers: Jean Boscan, Miguel Perez
First baseman: Jesse Gutierrez
Shortstops: Jeff Bannon, Caonabo Cosme, Aaron Herr, Anderson Machado
Outfielder: Marland Williams

Looking over the list, I was noticing a lot of names of players from other organizations who passed through the Reds system at one time or another. Just for fun, here is a 25 man roster of former Reds organization players who appear on the minor league free agent list.

Former Cincinnati Reds

C Corky Miller
1B Randy Ruiz
2B William Bergolla
SS Gookie Dawkins
3B Antonio Perez
LF Chad Mottola
CF David Espinosa
RF Kenny Kelly

C Dane Sardinha
IF Frank Menechino
IF Gary Patchett
OF Jackson Melian
OF Noah Hall

SP Jimmy Serrano
SP Bubba Nelson
SP Shawn Estes
SP Josh Hall
SP Brandon Claussen

RP Rheal Cormier
RP Todd Williams
RP Ben Kozlowski
RP Scott Dunn
RP Brian Shackelford
RP Hector Carrasco
RP Chris Michalak

Some interesting names there. Think the Reds will bring any of these guys back? 🙂