I really did not have any concrete plans for this first off-season besides knowing the only rent I could afford was back at home with my parents in West Chester. Not a bad deal at all, free rent and I can raid the refrigerator whenever I need to. However, after sitting on my tail for a few days, working on my short game was just not enough to keep me occupied. That and like Login Parker said in his off-season note, I needed to put some cash together.

I tried to line something up in the financial field, but one of two things would happen. First, the company would want to pay me based on a commission and go through their training course. Training would have taken anywhere from two to four months, so I really would not have made much money at all. The other downfall was that firms did not want to hire a college graduate for only four months. I resorted to enlisting the help of a temp service and landed a job at a fulfillment center in West Chester.

At the end of the season, the Reds’ strength and conditioning coordinator, Sean Marohn, came out to Billings for the post-season evaluation. All the players had an exit physical and the training staff would recommend things that needed to be added or deducted from the standard off-season program. My diet this summer, which consisted of mostly fried chicken, and Buffalo Wild Wings or fast food after games, killed my body fat percentage; soaring from a pre-season 9%, all the way up to 14%. My biggest goal is to maintain my current weight 218 and reduce the body fat back to the 9-10% range, which I do not think will be too terribly difficult considering how healthy my mom cooks.

As far as my throwing is concerned, my arms feels great. I am back in a queen bed for the first time since college and the first couple of weeks back I was rolling onto my throwing shoulder to sleep. So I had to set up some pillows and move all the way over to the edge to make sure I would not continue to do that. My throwing program will start about the middle of this month and progress until I am throwing about 55-65 pitches off the mound come late February. I will probably make my way back to Furman to work with the team before their season starts and to get some live innings in before I report to spring training on March 4th.

Finally, I’m not sure if it is a Reds’ minor league thing, but like Thomas Pauly, I am preparing for the GMAT exam. I know I want to go back and get my masters as a graduate assistant, but I am not 100% sure I want to go to business school. However, I figured the results are good for up to five years, so might as well take it now while my mind is fresh.

I am very excited about spring training and hope to see a great Redleg Nation crowd!