Have heard from our spotlight players in the last few days, here’s what they’re up to in the off season:

Thomas Pauly:

The arm and shoulder are doing great. I go into the field at least three times a week for the shoulder program and to throw, so i’m trying to stay optimistic about everything.

Off the field, I’m just trying to stay busy. I’ve been enjoying the football season and the Sarasota saltlife (fishing, beach, scuba diving, and I even went surfing with (Richie) Gardner last week for two days of nice waves over here) and I’m making a few weekend trips to see friends I haven’t seen in a while.

I also trained for and completed two triathlons recently, first of those i’ve done in 7 years, so that’s been an athletic challenge i’ve tried to tackle away from the field to keep me busy. It’s also been really nice to see hard work actually start to pay off again and I did pretty well in the two races. I’m thinking about running a marathon in February but I still haven’t decided on that yet. Also taking a GMAT prep class and will be taking the GMAT, in case baseball doesn’t work out, I might ship off to business school.

And from Logan Parker:

My offseason is going to be eventful. I’m going to try to help out with the (University of Cincinnati) Bearcats baseball team when I can. I’m going to be lifting and trying to rehab my shoulder. Also trying to find some sort of income. Also going home for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Thanks for all of yalls support and the Redleg Nation Player of the Month Award.

Note: Logan injured his shoulder diving back into first base in the second playoff game.

Matt Klinker said that he was going to post something himself, so be watching for that.