From (quoting the Chicago Sun Times):

Whether it’s simply to catch up on the past or plot for the future, new Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker has been chatting with his former Chicago Cubs co-aces, Mark Prior and Kerry Wood.
”I talked to Mark Prior [Wednesday], and I’ve heard from Woody and some other guys,” said Baker, who will turn his focus to managing the Reds once his current gig as an ESPN analyst ends after the World Series.
Both pitchers could become free agents this offseason, and the Reds are starved for pitching.

I know this isn’t going to happen and it’s just someone filling newspaper space.

But if either or both were found to be recovered from injuries, and could be had for a reasonable price. I’d be in favor of it. These low cost – high ceiling pickups are what this team is going to have to do to compete in ’08 and it’s something that Krivsky has shown some talent in pulling off.

But if they’re judged healthy, why would the Cubs let them walk?