Some time back, we mentioned that our beloved CF Josh Hamilton was appearing on a home improvement show on the TLC network. Well, the episode is still airing evidently, as Justin and his wife stumbled onto it last night (although I think the name of the program has been changed). So if you haven’t seen it, check your local listings.

Justin was prompted to think about Hamilton’s amazing 2007 season, and I agree with his thoughts:

Seeing this special, I realized that I’d somehow almost forgotten just how amazing Hamilton’s 2007 season was. I mean, we all knew it was an incredible story when it was happening. And yet now, while I obviously still remember the excitement surrounding his first several months in MLB, I find myself almost taking the guy for granted. In fact, if you’d asked me about my thoughts on Hamilton yesterday, I’d probably cite concerns about whether he could stay healthy enough to get in a full season next year, and my hopes that the Reds could somehow move him out of center field.

And that would have been completely off the mark.

Yes, it would. See J’s reasoning here. Good post, and a nice reminder of what an incredible player Hamilton really is.