Paul Daugherty’s latest column looks at the Rockies’ success, and Wayne Krivksy’s plea for similar patience from Reds fans.

On the radio Tuesday night, I asked Reds general manager Wayne Krivsky for one trait the Rockies, Cleveland Indians and Arizona Diamondbacks had in common. Generally, Krivsky is so buttoned-up with the media, his top button rides just beneath his nose. Getting something revealing from him is like catching a soap bubble in a wind tunnel.

“Patience,” Krivsky said, clearly, emphatically and very un-Wayne-like.

In other words; If you want the Reds to win like those guys, gimme some time.

It was self-serving, given that Krivsky is approaching the third year of a three-year contract and, well, firing him wouldn’t be the patient thing to do. But he was right.

I don’t disagree. I’m probably the most optimistic of RLN editors about competing in 2008, and I think that’s more a function of the division than the team. 2009 is the real year. But Daugherty really drills the main point:

Patience is required, but patience without vision is a road to nowhere.

I think that’s one of the biggest beefs around here — Krivsky has never articulated a plan. We’d give him our patience, if he’d be so kind as to give us a reason why. So many times, we’re struggling to find a method behind the (seeming) madness, or to reconcile seemingly-contradictory moves. Or, as Daugherty says more eloquently:

As a GM, Krivsky has been a good scout. He can be brusque, defensive and hard to talk to. If he wants you to be patient, he needs to tell you why. More important, he needs to have a clearly articulated plan that everyone from fans to media to his own people understands.

We loved the Phillips pick-up, Wayne. Now give us a master plan that’s equally thoughtful. Tell us how the Reds get where Colorado, Arizona and Cleveland have been. We’re waiting, patiently.