Some idle thoughts for a Thursday morning….

1. Sign Alex Rodriguez, if he opts out of his contract. Whatever the price, just sign him.

2. Trade Edwin Encarnacion and Joey Votto for pitching, particularly a #3 starter (and some relief help), if possible.

3. Move Adam Dunn to 1B.

4. Start Jay Bruce, Josh Hamilton, and Junior Griffey in the outfield.

5. Put Homer Bailey in the rotation to begin the season, and order Dusty Baker not to ruin his career.

6. Put Brandon Phillips at SS (assuming A-Rod stays at 3B) and start Jeff Keppinger at 2B.

7. Call Kevin Towers and ask how to assemble a quality bullpen on the cheap. Assure only Jared Burton and Bill Bray spots in the pen.

Voila. A very competitive team.