Maddog, from Another Cubs Blog, posted a comment about new Reds manager Dusty Baker below that I thought was particularly interesting, so I’m reproducing it here:

Cubs fan here…what’s going to piss you guys off more than anything else isn’t necessarily the things you’ve been discussing (pitch counts, favoring veterans), but it’s going to be an unthinkable lack of fundamentals and the excuse-making that comes out of his mouth when mistakes are made by him, someone on his coaching staff, or from some player. Dusty Baker is one of the most ignorant baseball minds around. He’ll never admit when he’s wrong so do not expect to see a different Dusty Baker than the one that managed in SF and Chicago. He’s incapable of admitting he’s been wrong or even recognizing his mistakes as was abundantly clear in his press conference yesterday. This is a guy who will replace a young player with an aging veteran like Neifi (look out for Craig Counsell this offseason!!!).

Get ready to bang your head against the wall 20 times per game (pad your walls to be safe). I’m not kidding. I’ve noticed people saying on the Reds blogs to calm down. Don’t. You have every right to be upset and your worries will be confirmed soon enough. The Reds, unfortunately for Reds fans and unfortunately for the game of baseball, hired the least competent manager available.

You’ll all be screaming and going nuts by the time the 2nd week of spring training games are completed. You’ll have a list of quotes you thought you’d never hear anybody say…not even a 5 year old.

It is every bit as bad as some of you have made it sound. Do not let the others tell you any differently. Your favorite team just hired a clueless moron to run your team.

Well, that’s not encouraging. I guess time doesn’t heal all wounds.

Here’s what Maddog had to say immediately after the hire:

Dusty Baker, as I’m sure you all know by now, was hired by the Reds to manage them for the next 3 seasons. I’m rather excited about this. Things really couldn’t be going better for the Cubs right now. Ned Yost was not fired. Walt Jocketty was. Dusty Baker was hired to take over what is probably the 3rd most talented team in the division meaning they’ll finish in 5th or 6th place. It does appear that Jocketty is likely headed to Cincy as I predicted awhile back, but it’s not going to be in the position of general manager so that’s good. And even if Jocketty was the GM, having Baker around nullifies the advantages a team gets with a GM like Jocketty….

All I can offer a Reds fan is this simple advice: Enjoy the next 5 or 6 months because the 6 months after that are going to suck. I feel for you. Nobody deserves this…except maybe the Cardinals.