Per ESPN (and as seen first by me at Red Reporter), Dusty Baker has been hired to manage the Reds. A three year deal. I can’t imagine that he’ll see the end of that deal, but then again, I can’t imagine that they’d hire him in the first place.

This news is so depressing that I don’t even want to try to process it right now. He’s terrible. Just terrible. Irredeemably, unquestionably terrible. Terrible at running games, terrible at managing a clubhouse of anything other than veterans he’s managed before, and probably the worst manager in history at developing (or even not breaking) young players. There’s really not even room to debate it – Baker’s terrible.

Oh, and as a sign of how seriously the Reds take winning, and how seriously Baker takes this job, Baker gets to keep making a fool of himself on ESPN throughout the playoffs. He’ll show up for the press conference in Cincinnati on Monday, then show back up for work in November.

2008-2010… flush.

Homer Bailey….flush.

Johnny Cueto…flush.

Edwin Encarnacion…flush.

Joey Votto…flush.

Jay Bruce…flush.

(Thinking positively: It’s great news for Scott Hatteberg, Mike Stanton, Juan Castro, and Norris Hopper.)