Joe Posnanski is back blogging, and he’s just absolutely absurdly good.  Here’s today’s post, about last night’s Tribe-Yankees game.  It’s a great explanation of the difference — and difference in importance — between managing in-game strategy and managing a baseball team.  This is an issue I’ve tried to write about several times in the past, but as usual, Poz makes me ashamed to even try.

Poznanski right now is something very rare:  A professional who is the best in his field, by such a great degree that it’s absurd to even compare him to his “peers.”  He’s in his prime, and it’s a privilege to read him every day.  For free.  The only comparables I can think of are Vin Scully, Tiger Woods, Barry Bonds, and Roger Federer. 

Check it out, and I promise I’ll keep the fanboy stuff to a minimum.