I’m tooling around on Prospectus this afternoon, and read Kevin Goldstein’s self-evaluation of his pre-season “sleeper” picks from every organization.  Here’s the Reds:

What I Said: Signed in 2003 as a 39th-round draft-and-follow, right-handed reliever Calvin Medlock gets little attention but continues to get batters out at every level, putting up a 2.97 ERA this year at Double-A Chattanooga with 70 strikeouts in 63 2/3 innings. Despite being listed at 5’10” and looking smaller than that, Medlock deals in the low 90s, touches 95-96 mph, and features a very good changeup.

What Happened: Medlock was an absolute workhorse out of the bullpen this year, throwing 111 innings in 73 appearances, and wound up striking out 109 and allowing only 87 hits on the season. He pitched well enough to be picked up by the Devil Rays in a minor midseason trade. He still projects as a solid big league middle reliever.

Is this who they traded for Jorge Cantu?  The guy without any position or real role on the Reds?  Yep.  I must’ve blocked that out.  The team with no bullpen traded Medlock and Shackleford for yet another slugging-but-flawed infield project and yet another OF prospect.  What do the Reds know about Medlock that made them think so little of him?