After Bill’s post this morning, this seems to be the discussion of the day. JD pointed to this post over at Baseball Analysts, and it’s worth a read. You could replace “Adam Dunn” for “Pat Burrell” in that post, and it would read almost exactly the same. A sample paragraph:

Pat Burrell can’t field and can’t run and I will concede that if he could do those things he would be a much better baseball player. If Magglio Ordonez could don the tools of ignorance once a week and spell Pudge Rodriguez instead of Mike Rabelo, that would help the Tigers a whole lot and make Mags a much more valuable player. He cannot of course, because he has limitations as a player. Just like Ryan Howard, just like Johan Santana, just like Burrell and every other athlete. Pat Burrell hits very well and this makes him a very good player. Focusing on what he cannot do while ignoring what he does quite well does Burrell a real disservice.

Go ahead, try it. Put Dunn’s name in there instead of Burrell’s, and it’s exactly what we’ve been harping on here at Redleg Nation for the last couple of years.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear Dunn will ever be appreciated in Cincinnati…or, at least, not until he’s wearing someone else’s uniform.