That’s the less-than-charitable headline used by about Brandon Phillips’ brain cramp this weekend when he decided to admire his blast rather than run…and he ended up getting thrown out at second as a result:

For a few moments on Friday, Brandon Phillips thought he had become a 30-30 player.

The lapse of judgment proved costly.

With a runner on first base in the fifth inning vs. the Brewers, Phillips hit a drive that appeared to be headed over the right-center-field fence. He was in a slow home run trot and rounding first base by the time he realized the ball had bounced off the wall.

“I didn’t get all of it, but I thought it had enough,” Phillips said on Saturday afternoon.

The Brewers, trailing 5-2 at the time, easily threw Phillips out at second base and he was credited with a single. Cincinnati didn’t score in the inning and barely held on to win the game by a 6-5 score.

Back in the dugout, Phillips approached interim manager Pete Mackanin before anything had to be said to him.

“I apologized about it,” Phillips said. “That wasn’t really like me. I’ve been hustling all year. It cost us a run, too. That’s what ticked me off more than anything. A play like that could have cost us the game. I’m glad we won the game because I would have been really ticked off.”

John Fay had a couple of items about the flap over the weekend, as well, so I thought I should highlight it. This isn’t the first time BP has done something like this in 2007, but I can’t get too worked up over it. He learned his lesson.

While Phillips might be the most overrated player in the Cincinnati lineup, he’s still a very good player, and he’s had a good (if not great) season. I’m looking forward to watching Phillips at second in Cincinnati as part of an exciting young lineup for the next several years.