From the Post:

Signaling a shakeup in the Reds’ developmental staff, assistant director of player development Grant Griesser and minor league field coordinator Tim Naehring have been told they will not be with the organization in 2008.

General manager Wayne Krivsky declined to comment Monday evening and would not confirm or deny any changes in the Reds’ organizational staff. But Griesser and Naehring both confirmed that they had been told they would not return.

“This is the time of year, just like with everyone else, we are evaluating,” Krivsky said. “The changes that may or may not be made, I’m not in a position to say tonight. I’m not in a position to confirm or deny.

“We’re in a time of year – once the minor league seasons are over – where all 29 other clubs are evaluating. At the appropriate time, we’ll make the announcement that we feel is appropriate. I cannot confirm or deny anything. When the time is right for us, we will announce things.”

Griesser has held his position since November 2000. Griesser said he was told on Monday that he would not be with the team next season and declined further comment.

Naehring spent the 2001-2005 seasons as the Reds’ director of player development. A Cincinnati native, he played eight seasons for the Boston Red Sox. As minor league field coordinator, he was the Reds’ top-ranking on-field instructor in the minors.

“I know what I brought to the organization for a number of years,” Naehring said Monday night. “I’m disappointed. I’m from Cincinnati, I’ve done a lot for this community, I’ve done a lot for the Reds. I’m very happy for what the minor leagues were able to do, I’m happy what players I signed personally – like Javier Valentin, Norris Hopper and Ryan Freel – were able to bring to the organization. I’m very happy for Jay Bruce and I thought we had a very good year in the minor leagues.”

Since taking over as general manager before the 2006 season, Krivsky has reshaped the Reds’ front office. After last season, director of player development and international operations Johnny Almaraz resigned, as did long-time scout Larry Barton Jr., who had harsh words for Krivsky after ending his tenure with the Reds following 38 years.

The fact that Krivsky continues to push guys out of this organization concerns me, as I have no faith in his choices, nor see any sign of a “plan” to turn this organization into a winning franchise.