I see that Josh Hamilton is going to be in the lineup more against left-handed pitchers. That’s good to see, and I’m sure Daedalus will be pleased, since she’s has been harping on just this subject for a while.

I have to say, however, that I don’t know why he hasn’t been playing regularly against lefties for the last month or so. The Reds are out of the race, and I’d make the same argument about Hamilton that I made when I railed against the Reds for not bringing Joey Votto to the majors in August. Why not use these games to get the young guys some experience, since the games are largely meaningless now?

Votto is finally up, and Hamilton is evidently going to get more opportunities against lefties…but they could have been getting that experience all during August (during the times Hamilton was healthy, of course). Those extra ABs would pay off next spring.