Baseball Prospectus has an interesting (free) article up about our interim manager Pete Mackanin. They make it sound like Mackanin has the inside track on the managerial job, and maybe he does, but I’m not sure BP is in the best position to make that judgment.

Anyway, the most compelling part of the article were some of the quotes:

Mackanin is someone who immediately makes those around him feel comfortable. However, he also has the innate ability to draw a line, and his players know not the cross it. “I love the guy, and I think everyone in clubhouse loves the guy,” Reds left fielder Adam Dunn said. “He just has a great way of making everyone relax. He’s a funny guy and he keeps things loose, but he’s not the type of guy you’re going to walk all over. We know he is in charge and we respect that. It’s not like we’re looking at him as the substitute teacher and we’re just having fun until the regular teacher comes back.”

Then, there’s this:

“I hate making excuses and I hate blaming the manager, but there was kind of a negative haze here,” Reds first baseman Scott Hatteberg said. “Pete is much more upbeat. He tries to be around and keep guys loose. He’s preaching a fun, more optimistic atmosphere, and I think guys appreciate it.”

We’ve been pretty critical of some of Mackanin’s insanely boneheaded moves, so it’s only fair that we point out positives about the guy. Then again, don’t we always see quotes like this when a new manager takes over? The atmosphere always changes, regardless of who is hired.

Anyway, read the entire article, because there are some informed thoughts on what the Reds need to do in order to compete next year.