Man, I wish Joey Votto had been brought to the majors a month ago. After the Homer Bailey craze of a couple of months ago, I’m enjoying watching Votto experience the big leagues for the first time (and I’m looking forward to Jay Bruce’s debut next year — not a bad trio of prospects there, and I haven’t even mentioned Johnny Cueto yet).

Hal McCoy had a good piece about Votto’s introduction to the major leagues that I thought was worth linking to. It has some great quotes, like this one:

Joey Votto cruised the expansive clubhouse, sat in the dugout for a second, “Where I smelled man, sweaty man out there, a bunch of sweaty ballplayers. I can’t wait to join them.”

And this one…

“I can’t help but keep this big smile on my face,” said Votto. “I was told two days before that I was going to come up by Louisville manager Rick Sweet and that I wouldn’t play the next day in Louisville, a day off. I couldn’t sleep the night before the last game in Louisville, stayed up until almost 5 in the morning, trying to distract myself by watching ‘Office’ reruns.”

Votto roomed with Jay Bruce at the Louisville Marriott (Bruce was not promoted) and Votto said Bruce kept saying, “You’re going to the big leagues, you’re going to the big leagues.”

He was more excited than I was,” Votto said. “I told him I’d get excited when I got into the uniform.”

Go read the entire article. Good stuff.