I did not see the game last night, but read this morning that Brandon Phillips took offense to Albert not sliding into second base and interfering with his attempt to turn a double play that lead to a big inning for the Cardinals. Trent Rosecran’s reports the following puffy chested quotes from after last nights game.

“I respect him as a player and as a person, but he came in standing up and that just shows me he doesn’t respect me turning a double play,” Phillips said. “He tried to hurt me. You don’t do that. It taught me a lesson. Lesson learned.” “He did his job, next time I’ll do mine,” Phillips said. “I’ll just throw it through the (m.f.).” “I think it was interference because he didn’t slide,” Phillips said. “I wish there was another double play.” “Next time he better get his ass down,” Phillips said. Phillips said he tried to talk to Pujols about it, but Pujols brushed him off.

He should have thrown it through him. There is nothing like a baseball in the sternum from ten feet away to gain respect from opposing players.

Pujols responded to the above with:

“That’s the way I play the game, I play it hard,” Pujols said. “He’s the one who didn’t make an adjustment. He didn’t get out of the way.” When told that Phillips said that the next time he would throw at him and make him get down, Pujols said: “Next time I’ll put him in left field, so get out of the way.”

If Phillips would have put it in his chest last night, Pujols would probably have been simply saying, “I should have made a slide, it’s part of playing the game hard.”

Pujols might want to wait until Hopper or Ellison have replaced Dunn before venturing into left field, or he may get more than he bargained for. 🙂

Pete Mackanin agrees that throwing through the runner is the way it is done.

“I don’t know if Pujols intentionally stood up, I don’t know if he tried to disrupt the throw,” Mackanin said. “It’s up the second baseman or shortstop to throw at his head to force him to slide. That’s why Manny Trillo threw sidearm, so you had to get down.”

Does anyone else feel like the Reds are a bit soft? A little too nice and friendly. Apparently Albert Pujols feels so. What about how every NL batter in the league digs in with big smiles on their faces in eager anticipation of facing Reds pitchers? Somehow I don’t think they’d be so comfortable digging in with dirt on their backsides from a hard inside pitch every now and again. I know that it used to be the way the game was played. Is it so much different now, or are the Reds just a little too nice and timid? I’d like to see them playing the game a little more agressive.